Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, chances are you have experienced a leaky bathroom or kitchen faucet. The cause of the leak can depend on the type of faucet you have (compression, cartridge, ball, or ceramic disk), but most dripping faucet issues are actually pretty easy to fix. Here we share some information about the three of the common causes of dripping faucets – but if you need help, don’t hesitate to call the experienced plumbing professionals at Plumbers911! Our plumbing professionals are experienced at fixing dripping faucets, and we are here to help you. 

Three Common Causes of Dripping Faucets

1. The washer (compression faucets)

If your faucet has two separate handles that loosen and tighten to turn on the hot and cold water, your faucet has a compression valve. Compression faucets are the only type that uses washers, but these washers are actually one of the most common causes of dripping – they can corrode, become damaged or even just not be installed properly. If you have a compression faucet that is dripping, you can try replacing the washers in each handle, this commonly solves the problem. 

2. The O-ring (cartridge and compression faucets)

O-rings are installed within the handles of cartridge and compression faucets to create a waterproof seal. When the O-rings become damaged or loose, that seal can break, causing a leak near the handle. If you have a leaking handle, you can try replacing the O-ring – just be sure to buy the right size or the new part will be just as non-functional as the old one. 

3. The cartridge (cartridge faucets)

Cartridge faucets can have one or two handles, so they’re most easily distinguishable by how they feel to operate – turning the handle or handles is a bit smoother and easier than a compression or ball faucet. If you have a cartridge faucet that is dripping, you can try to replace the entire cartridge valve within them. 

What To Do if You Have a Dripping Faucet

If you do have a leaking faucet, don’t worry – the plumbing professionals at Plumbers911 are here to help! You don’t have to fix your leaky kitchen faucet or bathroom faucet yourself; at Plumbers911, we are experts at repairing leaking and dripping faucets. If you are in the Central California area, there are Plumbers911 professionals standing by, ready to help you. With plumbers in Fresno, Clovis, Madera, Tracy, Lodi, and throughout the Central Valley, there is always a Plumbers911 plumber near you! When you need us, just give us a call at (559) 258-1904 or (209) 809-1468!