Your home’s plumbing system is too important to ignore – both regular maintenance and an everyday awareness are critical for keeping everything in optimal working order. Paying attention to early indications of issues – such as a dripping faucet or signs of water damage – can help you avoid a costly repair later on. And maintaining a regular maintenance schedule for items such as tankless water heaters will go a long way towards ensuring major appliances and systems last their ultimate service life. Take good care of your home’s plumbing and you are well on your way to taking good care of your whole house. This New Year, resolve to take good care of your home’s plumbing! Need a little help? The professionals at Plumbers911 are always here to help you!

Helpful Tips to Maintain your Home’s Plumbing:

➞ Watch the Common Places Water Leaks Occur – Water leaks can happen inside or outside the home, and when they happen they can cause major inconvenience and expense. Be cognizant of common places leaks occur, including toilets, showerheads, appliances, and hot water tanks, so you can catch them early if and when they do happen. 

➞ Check for Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Pipes – Look for irregularities in your exposed pipes including flaking, stains, dimpling or discoloration. Catching signs of aged and decaying pipes early will allow you to replace them before you experience leaks and other costly issues.

Insulate Vulnerable Water Pipes to Prevent Cold Weather Damage – Pipes inside unheated basements, near windows, and attached to exterior walls are vulnerable to freezing temperatures. By proactively wrapping these vulnerable pipes with insulation you can avoid a costly frozen burst pipe. 

➞ Prevent Garbage Disposal Issues – Keep your garbage disposal in good working order by avoiding placing hard and fibrous foods down the sink and cleaning your garbage disposal regularly. 

➞ Maintain your Hot Water Heater – The average gas-powered water heater lasts approximately ten years, while electric water heaters can last for an average of 15 years. With good care and maintenance, many water heaters can last even longer. Take good care of your hot water heater by watching for signs of malfunctioning, including foul or discolored water, pooling water, leaking relief valve, and smells of natural gas, and schedule regular inspections and routine maintenance with your plumber.

This New Year, make a resolution to take good care of your home – beginning with your home’s plumbing system and appliances. Pay attention to signs of early issues so you can catch problems early, and conduct regular care and maintenance so you can avoid appliances failures. Take good care of your home’s plumbing, and enjoy your home all year long! If you need help diagnosing or fixing a plumbing issue, repairing or replacing an appliance, or with routine maintenance, the experts at Plumbers911 are here to help!  If you are in the Central California area, there are Plumbers911 professionals standing by, ready to help you. With plumbers in Fresno, Modesto, Stockton, and throughout the Central Valley, there is always a Plumbers911 plumber near you! When you need us, just give us a call at (559) 258-1904 or (209) 809-1468!